When it comes to the negative feedback, it mostly consisted of users whining about the high heat burning their food. Some cried about the cook leading turning off immediately while they were in the middle of preparing a meal. Although, with practice, a lot of them found out ways to make correctly with the induction cooktop.

Gourmet GIC100 Multifunction Portable 1800 Watt Best Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner.
This burner has the greatest star rating of the three we are showing you. It appears to be not only the most economical however the most reliable.

The Gourmet GIC100 comes in the color of white, but the cooking surface area is black/dark gray. On the control panel, it does not appear as hectic as that of the Duxtop. It has a power button, a function button and after that a temperature level knob. A small digital screen rests in the middle of the buttons.

Unlike the Duxtop which has ten power levels and ten temperature level settings, the Gourmet GIC100 has only eight power levels and eight heat level settings.

The power levels start from 200 watts to 1400 watts whereas the temperature settings start at 140 degrees Fahrenheit to 460 degrees Fahrenheit.

It also has a cooking timer that allows you to set it for up to 180 minutes. That's 10 minutes longer than the Duxtop timer allows. 

Like most induction cook leading units, it has an overheat sensor that causes it to close instantly down when it becomes too hot.

As for energy effectiveness, it asserts on the listing that it consumes to 90% less energy than the standard range top. 

It's also incredibly easy to tidy as the cook leading surface area cools rapidly and prevents any spilled food from sticking.

Just like the majority of induction cooktops, it requires making use of induction-capable pots and pans. A regular pan will not work on this type of cooktop. Make certain to acquire pots and pans that state, "induction capable." Otherwise, if you currently own cast iron or magnetic stainless steel cookware, they ought to operate on the cooktop also.

Alright, there were lots of positive evaluations for the Gourmet GIC100 as it was nearly impossible to discover a single unfavorable review out of 43 of them! The most applauded about quality was the capability to heat up so quickly. Many liked how the temperature settings increased or decreased in intervals of 50 degrees.
When it comes to the unfavorable reviews, we could not find many. One customer was dissatisfied in the need for induction-capable pots and pans. This person didn't have the appropriate pots and pans and returned the item.

Another consumer was pleased with the Gourmet GIC100, however, made a complaint about the user manual. For that individual, there wasn't enough instruction for discovering ways to operate the cooktop.